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This site is dedicated to topics in room acoustics, music acoustics, speech acoustics, perception and their interrelation in general, and concert hall acoustics and stage acoustics in particular.

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Data Collection—rehearsal rooms for symphony orchestras

AKUTEK: Online concert hall acoustics rating survey

AKUTEK Articles: Reverberation distance - is it a critical property in orchestra rehearsal rooms?

Van dorp Schuitman and D de Vries: Deriving content-specific measures of room acoustic perception using a binaural, nonlinear auditory model

Blauert and Braasch
Acoustic communication: The Precedence Effect 

BBC: Hundreds of R&D REPORTS FROM 1933 TO 1996

L.Beranek, Concert hall acoustics - Recent findings

AKUTEK research: Binaural Localization Cues

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Dry-Room Balance at orchestra musicians’ ears during symphonic music performance, by M Skalevik;Sound Levels in Orchestra Musicians by M Skalevik (Presentation); Two Ears by M Skålevik; Sound Levels at a Clarinetist’s Ears During Solitary Practice by S Helbæk Kjølberg; Sound exposure during solitary practice by M Skalevik; Orchestra_Conductor_Acoustics by M Skalevik; Symphony experience - Live vs Recording by M Skalevik; Binaural Project: The Binaural Signal From a Symphony Orchestra; Live listening vs Headphone listeningLevel components in symphony orchestra by M Skalevik, ASA-2019; Absorption Area Matters in Symphony Orchestra Rehearsal Rooms (paper) ISRA-2019 presentation; Simulations and subjective rating of acoustic conditions in a symphony orchestra - a case study;Restrictions on V-T combinations related to ensemble size ;Rydland: Sound component levels in symphony orchestra musician ; Ellison and Skalevik: Observations from the field—Active Acoustic Systems; Behzad Ranjbari: Investigation of new metrics for the characterization of musicians' room acoustical conditions in concert halls (paper) Thesis (3MB); Skalevik: Concert Hall Acoustics, Online Rating And Beranek’s Data Collection; Skalevik: Measurements of IACC during music performance in concert halls 01.02.2017 (ISMRA presentation 11.09.2016), ASA-Boston-2017-presentation 29.06.2017, ICSV24 London paper 2017; M Barron:  Theory and measurement of early, late and total sound levels in concert spaces; Taking account of loudness constancy for the loudness criterion for concert halls; Objective assessment of concert hall acoustics using Temporal Energy Analysis (2013)Sound exposure in orchestra musicians: Dance and Dymock: Sound exposure and the hearing of musicians ; Wenmaekers and Hak: Noise exposure of musicians: The own instrument’s sound compared to the sound from others (paper) (presentation); M Skålevik: Self, Others and Reverb (paper) presentation;
Binaural localization of pure tone; Binaural localization of pink noise

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